A Triumph


This collection is a true triumph from James Hare – I cannot sing its praises enough.   This was the collection that we showcased on our ottoman ranges at the Wealden Times mid-winter fair.

Its glamourous, but not TOO glamourous – it has the WOW factor but not TOO MUCH….. I just adore the way that the Osprey markings are woven into the fabric…. its so beautifully understated.   When the light hits it, both natural and artificial it just quietly glimmers and there are so many layers to the colours.

It comes in 8 natural toned colourways, extremely handy….

This fabric is tough as well and so forgiving so take note all those upholsterers out there…. its easy, so easy to get your top cover fabric right with this – it will smooth out a less than perfect rolled edge….. its… gosh… easy with those folds….. it’s a dream and I love it!

Please note that these photographs are a mixture of both James Hare and Taylor & Paix.

For all those who need to find something that goes well with Elephants Breath try the Talon colourway has a tinge of lilac which perfectly complements this extremely popular paint colour.