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Perfect for Valentines

If something is analogous to something else, it means that the two things are similar in some way.

In relation to colour – analogous colours are on the whole, a group of three colours that are next to each other on the colour wheel.   They share a common, dominant colour which tends to be a primary or secondary colour, with a tertiary colour – for example blue, green and duck egg blue.

Violets and reds are therefore classed as analogous colours – they are similar and sit next to each other on the colour wheel.   These colour combinations work in decorating schemes well – this is because they naturally blend into each other.  I think that the key to making this work (without some headache inducing clash!) is making sure you get the undertones the same i.e. a warm pink with a warm red, cool greens with cool blues and so on…

Anyway, I had 5 minutes in the workshop and taken a quick snapshot of some of my threads to illustrate how this works ……

Pink for love & understanding, purple for luxury & creativity, red for passion – happy valentines!