The Linwood Niva fabric is really an upholstery fabric, but it works like a dream when used for roman blinds.   We really like using these heavy upholstery fabrics for roman blinds – especially the larger ones i.e., over 2 metres wide.   The weight of the fabric with the blackout lining holds together exceptionally well and the blind sits ‘dead flat’ and those pesky stab stitches are barely perceptible.

The Niva fabric comes in 28 soft colours and Linwood describe it has as ‘timeless with echos of Scandi design’ – I would agree!

It is also worth noting the paint used here.  Painting a room in these dark colours can work really well but these dark paints show every mark…. fingers, liquids etc.   Do not use cheap paint – you will regret it.  I am a huge fan of Fenwick & Tilbrook – they have exceptionally high pigment levels which reduces the risk of marking significantly.   There customer service is absolutely superb as well!   The colour here is Still Norfolk.

You can see the original design visuals for this room here