Ultra-violet, Pantone colour of the year 2018, an interesting choice on so many levels.

Anyone who has read the book the ‘The Color Purple’ will understand the political significance of this colour, anyone who knows a bit about the papacy will also understand the role of the colour purple in the papal court – I am assuming that none of this is coincidence.

I love the colour and was very surprised by the choice as there was quite a bit of speculation revolving around more mid-century tones which are very much ‘now’.

I am often using a bit of purple – whether it be for a curtain lining, a decadent ottoman, cushion – and the reason why – this colour never seems to clash, it’s the one colour that seems to blend with pretty much everything.

Instead of re-inventing the wheel see following Pantone’s Guide for using their colour of the year 2018.


Embodying calmness, a palette of hazy and smoky hues effortlessly commingle to create subtle blends and harmonies that are both timeless and time-honored.


Sitting side by side on the color wheel, this palette of like-minded hues with their spirited good humor and playful exuberance makes for easy and engaging color mixes.


An unusual combination of show-stopping saturated color with rich and elegant earth tones creates an adventurous mood full of excitement and drama.


Invoking a sense of mystery, a palette of nature’s blues and greens, combined with the unconventional Ultra Violet and a Silver and Pale Gold metallic, exudes a quiet strength.


Soft and warm, a subtle palette of natural and organic shades accented by a Frosted Almond metallic evokes reassurance and conveys a sense of calm and quiet.


Exploding with zest and energy, this palette of pure, unadulterated color which screams “look at me” comes together to create a bold statement with feelings of excitement and high voltage effects.


Emulating a desert sunset, this is a dramatic palette of brilliantly heightened warm shades that radiate resplendently across the early evening sky.


Inspired by the colors we see in our surroundings, a combination of soft and sweet pastels with an enchanting Ultra Violet and a deep, dark navy Astral Aura conjures up a summer garden in full bloom.