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Bespoke Silk Blue Lampshades

Bespoke silk blue lampshades.   I have made several lampshades over the years… but this was the first time that I have taken the plunge and made a shade with a completely flat silk.  I have rather shied away from this type of fabric as it is not the most forgiving – there is absolutely nowhere to hide!  I used the silk from the James Hare Savoy Collection and this is the Celestial colourway used here.  The Savoy silk is not the cheapest in the James Hare silk range but it is worth every penny.  The thickness and the overall quality of the silk meant that what could have been a very difficult and tricky task into something that is achievable.

I actually had more ‘issues’ with getting the card inside sprayed to the ‘right’ colour and texture – and getting this right actually proved more troublesome than making the actual lampshades!   The first lampshades had a hammered silver finish on the inside and for whatever reason, it just looked wrong… may be it is because these lampshades are for a bedroom?    I incorrectly thought that a ‘hammered’ inside would contrast nicely against the flat silk but this just did not work at all.   I ended up with a lovely soft, flat dove silver, this seemed to work the best.  Unfortunately- I have not captured the insides particularly well in the photographs.

Next time I am going to think just as much about the inside of a lampshade as the outside!

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