Project Description

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Double Wave Curtains & Voiles

Double wave curtains & voiles look wonderful in this master bedroom.    The faux silk is from the Wemyss Orion Collection in the biscuit colourway – and it ties in beautifully all the all the warm wood tones, greys and taupes.

More and more of the fabric houses are bringing out these faux silks – there is one thing that I would note about them – I am not entirely convinced re interlining them.  I think that they are best with just lining only.   The naturally create a ‘wave effect’ on the bottom hem… as the fabric is fairly ‘springy’.   If you are looking for that traditional ‘stack of soldiers’ at the bottom of the curtain – this is not the fabric to use.

The voile is Ian Mankin’s Padstow sheer – which is probably my favourite plain natural sheers.   I use it time and time again – it is Italian and has this soft glaze which gives it the most incredible feel ….and hang of course.   Most sheers are have these weighted selvages – this one does too – but I just cannot help myself putting in a nice deep hem.  There is a bit of a drawback to these sheers that are 100% linen – they do have to be flat ironed on site – and there is absolutely no shortcut whatsoever to this.