Project Description

taylor and paix


Ikat Print Blind and Voile

Ikat print blinds with voiles and pelmets is the best solution for this mews house, which is tucked away behind Kensington Square.

How many of us get the phone call with the opening gambit ‘I have this tricky window’?   Then when you do a site visit, you find that it really isn’t that tricky after all.   Most windows etc seem to have their issues whatever they might be.    However there tends to be a tried and tested solution or way around.    This client, however, phoned me up and said I have these windows which I really need sorting – ‘I am sure it will be simple’ on the contrary!

This is a very very old house, which is tucked away in one of those old little mews behind Kensington Square.     There was barely anywhere that anything could be fixed, without doing some major building works.   The best solution was to fix pelmet boxes into the recesses.  The boxes were fitted onto batons from the adjacent shelving.   The client fell in love with this ikat fabric and of course – pattern matching pelmet to blind is not particularly easy either.

Voiles were added to create much needed privacy from the street.  For this type of situation, I attach them simply with Velcro so that they can be easily taken down and washed.   White doesn’t stay white for very long in central London!

Something that seems so simple from the outset isn’t always so easy!

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