Project Description

pinch pleat grey linen curtains


Pinch Pleat Grey Linen Curtains

Pinch pleat grey linen curtains, blackout blind with a voile are the perfect solution for this incredibly exposed bedroom window.

This master bedroom in this rather prestigious building is incredibly exposed – this is a situation where a 3-layered approach is necessary.     The voile provides the privacy during the day, the blackout blind removes the very bright led street-lighting at night.  Finally, the curtain cuts out the draughts and provides the softness for the room – of course a curtain is a great sound barrier from street noise as well.

There is one downside in this particular instance to having a 3-layered window treatment, and that is not really enough space for a curtain.   Unfortunately, there was only 6cm of gap to put in the curtain – this is not ideal.   The curtain does look a bit skimped but, in this situation, practicality wins the day over aesthetic.  Both my client and I are thrilled that we managed to get a solution that works in such a narrow space.

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