Project Description

Sanderson Cherwell Fabric and Blind


Sanderson Cherwell Fabric Blind

Sanderson Cherwell fabric blind and pelmet in the catkin colourway really works well in this baby/ guest bedroom.   This young couple who were expecting their first baby – were looking for a blind solution for this bedroom – which was to also temporarily double up as a guest bedroom.

My client had already completed this amazing wall art and it was so it was a bit of a ‘no-brainer’ to use the Sanderson Cherwell in the catkin colourway.   The Cherwell fabric is probably one of my absolute favourites – the colourways are extremely versatile, and they are one of those semi plains that just work.   For a curtain they are an absolute dream…. especially with the hang.  You would be forgiven if you mistook it for a thick natural silk.   Its also tough enough for light upholstery and for cushions, it is superb.

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