Project Description

silk curtains, pelmet and blind


Silk Curtains & Roman Blinds

Silk curtains and and roman blinds are a classic.  These duck egg blue silk curtains with contrast linen roman blinds and a pelmet is such a timeless classic for a master bedroom and will look terrific (we think so!) for years.

The silk curtains are in a (I believe now discontinued?) Papaver, Marvic Textiles… the fabric has been used ‘inside out’ –  which really works.  Marvic Textiles are known for their decadent, luxurious and high-quality fabrics and in this scheme Marvic does not fail to disappoint with this wonderful thick, natural silk.       The blinds are in Wemyss Rye with a very plain headboard in the same fabric.

The Goring Sheep looks very content with the new refurb as well!

Note on silk curtains …

There are issues with having silk curtains and blinds …. the silk tends to rot, this is down the leading edge… that’s the bit that faces the window.   You will start to see the breakdown of the silk along this edge within about 10 years or so, depending on uv levels.   There are a couple of solutions to this i) using a similar coloured faux silk for the leading edges…. Or even a contrast colour can also look very good.    If you are not keen on this idea – put a blind between the curtain and window – this makes a significant difference, especially if you lower the blind during the summer months when the uv is at its harshest – by doing this you can ensure that your curtains last 20 years or so.