Project Description

Curtain Makers Kent, Taylor and Paix


Wave Curtains in Grey Linen

Wave curtains for this master bedroom on Silent Gliss Metropole with no tape – so simple and elegant.

Every now and again you get THAT phone call from a potential new client, then you get emailed a photograph and then your heart skips a beat…. because you just so want to get involved – you just know that you have an opportunity to use your skillset and knowledge to the max.

This project is one of the most rewarding and challenging I have worked on for a while….and yet the result looks so effortlessly simple.  With all those angled walls and a slanted ceiling, the calculations were far from simple!

More importantly (and I want to shout this out to all curtain makers across the land) that our WAVE CURTAINS HAVE NO CURTAIN TAPE ANYWHERE.  We achieved this using a traditional buckram heading and I think it works very well.   They have even been lined with blackout!

Silent Gliss metropole in matt white with the square blok brackets work a treat with this beautiful dove grey linen.   Thank you Silent Gliss for that new bracket…. so much better and worth every penny!