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Sofa reupholstery is not a cheap option.  In fact it can work out being a similar price if not more expensive than a new sofa.   Why on earth would you consider this?

  • The sofa you currently have is the perfect size/ depth etc for the room.  You would be looking at new sofas with similar dimensions.
  • The frames on the newer sofas (unless you go to the very premium ranges) are not great.  The frames that were made 20/ 30+ years ago can be of exceptional quality.    The waddings over time do get worn and invariably need to be replaced, but the frames are usually in good knick.
  • You can have the fabric of your choice.  With new sofas – you tend to have a limited choice of fabrics.

Why is sofa reupholstery expensive?

This is primarily because there is the same (arguably more) work involved in recovering.  It is quite a job taking off the old covers and ‘stripping’ the sofa and we frequently take the furniture right back to the frame.
Lastly and probably the most important factor is that it is kinder to the planet and one less sofa to the skip or landfill.   At the end of the day you need to consider sofa reupholstery as ‘getting a new sofa’ and hopefully you will consider the consider the cost money well spent!