Georgina Paix

It all started…

As with a lot of small businesses, it all started from the kitchen table, after a decade long career as a COO for a ME think tank.

I had some major surgery in 2012 which necessitated a re-evaluation of my professional life.  This, along with the inheritance of some old (and rather beautiful!) furniture resulted in lots of upholstery tuition with Alison Scott and a soft furnishings course with Deborah Good – both incredibly talented & experienced tutors.

One of my first commissions was curtains for a rather prestigious client.   I was also asked to help choose rugs some of the rooms in this similarly prestigious property.   The client was not in residence and I needed to somehow convey how various rugs would look.   I downloaded some 3d software and started modelling.   Needless to say – over the years, how I model & draw has developed significantly.   My current personal preference is for a hybrid visual: a fusion of a photograph and pencil drawing – they seem to me to be less ‘sterile’ than a photograph.