Bespoke blue silk lampshades made using silk from the James Hare Savoy Collection and this is the Celestial colourway. The Savoy silk is not the cheapest in the James Hare silk range but it is worth every penny – it is a heavy, thick and curl free silk satin.   The thickness and the overall quality of the silk ensured this beautiful, crease free finish – which is harder to ahcieve than it sounds.

Bespoke lampshades are rather special – and a completely different product from the shop bought ones.   Not only can you have whatever fabric you choose on the outside but you can have whatever finish you desire on the inside too.   These lampshades are finished in a flat dove coloured silver and work beautifully against the blue silk.

Handmade lampshades are not a cheap option but they are one of those finishing touches that can take a room from the ordinary to the extraordinary.