Living Room | Sevenoaks

These blue silk curtains with pelmets are a classic, timeless bedroom window treatment – put some contrasting roman blinds behind in the recess and I think that you have the perfect window bedroom treatment.   The blue silk is from Marvic Textiles and is the now discontinued Papaver silk, which is incredibly thick – we have actually used this fabric the wrong way round!

It is important to write a note about silk curtains here – silk is not recommended as a choice for either curtain or blinds – this is because the uv causes the fabric to disintegrate.   Unprotected – you can expect to get about 5 years use before the fabric will start to get holes down the leading edges.  The leading edges are the edges of the curtain that face the window.   By installing roman blinds behind and keeping these down especially in the summer – I am hoping to get at least 15 years of use out of these curtains before they start to disintegrate – you have been warned!

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