These grey linen cartridge pleat curtains and voile blind work well in this rather tricky window.   These dormer type windows can sometimes be quite difficult when it comes to fitting window treatments – as it sometimes can be difficult to get a good fixing without using a pelmet to hide a multitude of sins!

The client wanted something fairly simple as well as some means of providing privacy to the outside – as this window overlooks the road.    This double width fabric from Wemyss is from their Braemar Fabric  – this is the cinder colourway and  is just perfect for this wide window, being double width means that there are no seams on the front.  As standard for us, these curtains are interlined and lined (blackout in this case) and even with the blackout lining the hang is absolutely superb.   The heading is a cartridge pleat and quite deep – each pleat being 14cm wide – having a deep pleat on a cartridge curtain makes such a difference – not just to the hang but to the overall look and feel of the end product.    The voile is a hand-sewn voile in the Ian Mankin Padstow Natural – the most stunning Italian sheer – and this not just offers privacy but also offers a real softness to this beautiful guest room.