The Sanderson King Protea fabric was almost ‘made’ for a room like this huge kitchen, dining and living room in this remodelled heritage house in Sevenoaks.  My client fell in love with it and the colours work absolutely perfectly with their stunning new kitchen.   The biggest challenge was not just the normal pattern matching but pattern matching right across the room.   The pattern is level both horizontally and vertically across all the 3 large roman blind and the 4 sets of curtains , this took a bit of working out, but was definitely worth the time spent doing this.

The curtains have an extra deep double pleat heading – we have made the heading 20cm deep.   This is significantly deeper than standard but I think the curtains needed this to balance them somewhat.  The poles are Jim Lawrence in Mercury finish which work well in this context with the bay window poles being custom bent to order.

The roman blinds are interlined and lined as well – and if you look closely – the chains are nearly to the full drop of the blind without requiring any fixings to the wall and yet they are still EU compliant.  This is because we use some of the best roman blind mechanisms you can get – these have ‘drop’ out chain housings which means that the chains do not require any wall fixing and the draw of them is incredibly smooth.  Due to the width of these blinds we have used a 1:1 gear housing.