Voiles with a wave heading look like one of those really easy hits …. they kind of are but they do require care.

Having made quite a few (a big understatement here!) we believe the only way to get the result illustrated in these pictures is to hand sew.   Do not let your sewing machine get anywhere near them.  Pull a thread to get your drop absolutely spot on and hand sew the hem and make it a double hem.

We never use wave tape making our wave heading the ‘traditional’ way with buckram and hand sewing it in – it is so much nicer.   Sometimes a location warrants an extra ‘high’ heading and you can do this if you are using buckram.  I think it produces a better wave and so much nicer to look at.  Use the lightweight pin hooks and do the maths to calculate where they need to be inserted…. and there you have it.  Looks effortlessly simple but in reality one of those things that requires quite a bit of care.