Wave Curtain on Wooden Curtain Pole

Entrance Hall | SEVENOAKS

This wave curtain on a wooden curtain pole is a great solution for those that like a more traditional look but also like the wave effect – I think that this works well … a wave curtain hung using traditional curtains rings. In fact, I rather like the juxta position of the contemporary heading with a traditional pole and rings. This pole (which is solid mahogany), brackets and finials are from Jim Lawrence.

As with all our curtains there is not a stitch to be found on the front, or any tape on the back – and this also includes our wave curtains. The heading is stiffened with buckram and it is just a matter of ‘doing the maths’ to work out where the pin hooks go. I would say that doing it this way – not just looks so much better It also gives you so much more flexibility – you can get the curtain fold to whatever depth you want it to be – which means that you can get those returns straight back to the wall whilst keeping all the ‘waves’ at the same depth…. which is not as simple as it sounds.

You may be interested to know that this curtain pole has been waiting patiently for nearly 7 years in my hall for its curtain…. as always with my experiments, I start with my own home so yes this is my hall…. and I think that this is one of those experiments that works well?